Woman slaps young lady for calling her fat


A young lady was “mercilessly” slapped when she called another woman “fat”. The fat woman is said to be a hairdresser at Labadi and the young girl is a sales girl at Makola.

Eyewitness reports claim the fat lady got on the trotro around Labone and from then on the vehicle was unable to go past the 30mph mark. Apparently the fat lady had also filled up two seats but paid for only one. Reports say she had made the vehicle slant in an awkward angle.

Attempts by the driver and his mate to refund her money and let her get another vehicle failed.

Reports have it that as the vehicle approached Danquah Circle a young lady seated next to her passed a comment that didn’t sit well with the fat lady. The young lady is reported to have passed the following comment: “onipa b3n koraa ni na otumi ma car wea” translated as “who is this with the power to make a vehicle crawl”.

The fat lady who was seated next to the young lady and had been silent all throughout the journey took serious offence and without further provocation took to slapping the young lady with all manner of slaps. Had it not been for the timely intervention of the mate and the driver who had to park the vehicle, the young lady would have passed out from the swarm of slaps that were coming at her.

It is said that upon pleas from the passengers, the fat lady finally got off at Nima junction instead of Circle where she was headed. The girl who was slapped claims apart from the brief loss of memory she suffered from the 5 or 6 slaps that managed to find their way to her face, she is ok and thankful to God for surviving such a terrible ordeal.


Wild police chase at Circle..GTA style

The past week was quite a hectic one for me but I think last night summed everything up for me.

As usual after getting on board a trotro from Circle around 8:30pm, I waited patiently for it to get full. I whipped out my phone as is the routine to enjoy some gaming action. Little did I know I was in for a big surprise that night.

Ok so in about 10 minutes the trotro got full and we made our way out of the station (the one right under the overhead bridge close to busy internet). As the vehicle made a few turns in order to get unto the main road I heard someone from the shoulders of the road shout “wo b3 k) ama )mo akye Wo” meaning he was walking into the grasp of the police officers. I was glued to my phone when I heard the comment and less than 5 seconds after he said that I lifted my head and saw a pick up vehicle packed to the max with police officers. I’m talking 8-10 officers here. Immediately the police officers pulled the trotro we were in over.

Now strap yourselves in. Before I could panic and get agitated over the fact that I was going to be delayed in getting home by a driver, who probably hasn’t renewed his license ( I’m assuming cos I was yet to find out why we were pulled over), some wild action took place.

I head some scrambling outside our trotro and just as I turned to look out my window I saw a motor bike rider get knocked off his bike….errm in fact knock is an understatement get smacked off his bike by a sedan with a female passenger in the driver’s seat.
Apparently the guy is an “okada” guy and knowing that his motor bike services are illegal, he was desperate to avoid any confrontation with the police that night but guess what happened instead, he landed right in their arena.

Now here is where the real GTA action commenced (GTA – Grand Theft Auto for those who don’t like games but watch news ;-> ). After the bike rider had been thrown a few feet away from his bike he managed to get on his feet. Dazed and confused by the hit, he hobbled across the road as the vehicles had come to a halt. By this time some of the women in the trotro I was in had called on Jesus a couple of times and were shaken with fear. But the show was far from over.

The moment the baffled and probably wounded guy locked eyes with the police officers who were charging towards him, his adrenalin kicked in. My goodness! Come and see sprinting paa…whaaat? More police officers hopped off the pick up and pursued the suspect. Like watching an episode of wildest police videos or playing GTA with a 3 star wanted status, the biker who had abandoned his bike was chased up and down the streets. The police and the suspect were meandering though the stream of on coming vehicles. It was spectacular.

Obviously there was no escape for the bike rider but was there an escape for our driver ? Oh yes! Before the police could look back he had gradually accelerated and made his way from the crime scene. Soon we were home bound amidst the usual commentary from the passengers which included previous encounters they also had.

Was I happy the guy got hit and was chased? No! Was I happy the lady almost killed someone with her vehicle when it was no fault of hers? No? Was I happy the trotro driver escaped correction? No. But Boy was I glad I witnessed all that action and still managed to get home in time to have my ritual Friday movie night in my room.

Oh and by the way I couldn’t take any videos or pictures because this is Circle. You could get robbed on a crime scene when a suspect is being apprehended so I’m sorry but I couldn’t risk the life of my phone for this post.

What can I say but Some days are just special and I love Ghana.


The story of the nice house and the school kids


Well today I didn’t board a trotro on my way to town this morning (yes me too I took taxi some hehe).

As we were manoeuvring through the traffic the taxi happened to pass by what seemed like a primary school. Honestly it looked like someone’s home turned school. Charley dry lines and things all dey there but that’s not what my attention was drawn to.

My attention was drawn to and pinned on the little kids who were marching happily and singing at the top of their voices.

The End

Lol…you thought it was going to build up to something else right? wrong ! That’s all I got. The image I attached doesn’t also relate to this post. It is actually a house I saw at Labone. Don’t blame me, I had to attach an image and I had to end my blogging drought.


Death by Trotro

Driver and Trotro

Ok so as usual I was on the lookout for a post for today and here I stand with one.

Close to the Danquah circle the driver pulls up beside the road and leaves us wondering what the problem could be. Well at least he asks for permission to check a problem with the bus.

So he rushes out gets his car duster and lays in on the ground and then slips himself beneath the vehicle and for the next 10-15 minutes we waited patiently for he and his mate to fix the vehicle specifically an issue affecting the clutch.

Well this story seems like a pretty normal story right? No! At least not to me. The driver was gambling with our lives. His reaction showed he had prior knowledge of the defect in the vehicle which obviously could have led to failure and then I probably would have lost my hands and not be able to make this post. Kae! God forbid!! *speaking in tongues* lol

The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA) recently conducted a survey that proved that quite a large percentage of vehicles in the plying our roads were not fit to be on the road and that letft me with one very big question- How do these vehicle owners renew their road worthiness certificates?

Well for me I thank God I’m home safe but I’m trusting God that most of these public transport vehicles be brought under proper scrutiny by the appropriate bodies.

On to some Banku for now 😉 (oh by the way this post was supposed to have been posted earlier but enjoy it anyway..lol)


These two drivers got into a serious altercation the other day because of a loading spot. Well they both claimed they were next in line to load passengers. I thought it was an unnecessary quarrel till I took look at the number of seats in both Trotros. It wasn’t a battle for space it was a battle for cash. 14 x 1 cedi 30p just do the math.

So you see everyone wanted to close in on the almost 20gh up for grabs before the day closed because traffic at that time of the day meant they were most likely not to return early hence that might as well be their last move for the day.

So next time you see a squabble among these guys don’t be quick to judge like i did.


What Do Women want? Fake Hair or Real Hair?


I just saw this large billboard somewhere around the Kwame Nkrumah circle. Three main things caught my eye are there: The post read- 1. This in not fake hair 2. This is not China hair 3. This is pure virgin hair Hahaha. Very funny. If it didn’t grow on your head and you have to put it there yourself then its fake right?? Well just thinking out loud with this post. By the way I wonder why most Ghanaian ladies will rather fix fake hair on their nicely shaped heads than display the beauty of their own dark hair and also why are most Ghanaian ladies crazy about long hair??? Can anyone help me out?? Hmmmm


Well until last week, I thought that the worst thing that could happen to any passenger aboard a Trotro included stuff like

1. Finding out that your wallet was lost right at the time when you are about to pay your fare

2. Sitting next to your girlfriend’s little sister in a Trotro with just enough money to pay for one 😉

3. Having your dress get thorn by the Trotro door or dirtied with oil from the Trotro door

4. Having someone puke on you in a Trotro

I mean the list is endless but of all the things I ever imagined nothing cam close to what I experienced

Yes I know your mind is wondering already. Don’t go far…its something we all know.

Here is my story. Ok so I’m in this Trotro and its going to take me about 40mins to get to my destination. Now 5 minutes after the vehicle takes off I feel a strange rumbling in my abdomen. The sound of discomfort (if you know what I mean). I thought to myself that this should be over in the next 2minutes and guess what it was never over. It got worse with every shake and drop in a pothole drawing me closer to the danger zone. All I could picture in my mind was the “White Chamber Pot”

My heart started racing fast and I started sweating profusely and my mind was going wild. I didn’t know how long I could hold it in and oh yes everyone around me seemed relaxed. If only they knew the war I was fighting within..

By the time I was 5 minutes away from my destination I had found a million ways to keep my mind from thinking about “the thing”. I recited as many memory verses as i could remember including Psalm 23, John 10:30 and John 11:35. I even recited the national pledge and hummed the national anthem in a bid to narrow my chances of messing myself up in public. I even remember names of Organic Compounds and Botanical names which I couldn’t even remember in my final exams in the Senior High School…hmm

Finally the Trotro grinded to a halt and I hopped out cautiously and started pacing steadily and briskly down the shortcut that lead to my home. The road was not tarred so I had to walk over huge stones and all. By the time I got home I was ready to explode. I pressed the door bell with all my might and as soon as the gate opened I sprung for the washroom.

Oh Boy! what a relief and what a close shave that was. I said thank God in all the different languages I knew how to speak; Hausa, Twi, Ga, Ewe and even Spanish (well I can’t speak Spanish though but I guess gibberish counts right?..lol)

What a day! Now you will bear with me that I’m not the only one who has ever experienced this before and you will agree that its the worst thing that could ever happen to you in a Trotro.

Well if you don’t agree, I can’t be bothered.***sipping a cold bottle of Sobolo (sorrel drink)*** 🙂Image